Succeed at Your Taxes

Receive reliable tax representation in Leander, TX

Are you undergoing an audit or have you received a tax correspondence? Get in touch with DBT Accounting & Consulting, Inc., We can provide you with effective tax representation services in the Leander, Texas area. We’ll help you by:

  • Preparing non-filed tax returns
  • Responding to your CP2000 notice
  • Representing you before the IRS or state government
  • Negoiate back taxes owed
  • Resolve payroll tax problems
  • IRS liens
  • IRS levies
  • IRS wage garnishments
  • Prepare and negoiate offers & compromise
  • Assist in setting up IRS payment plans

Have an experienced Certified Public Accountant prepare your tax returns

DBT Accounting & Consulting, Inc. can help you successfully navigate any of your individual or business or estate & trust tax issues. Whether you’re an LLC, a corporation or a partnership, you’ll benefit from our ability to:

  • Minimize your tax liability
  • Optimize your taxes in light of the latest federal, state and local legislation
  • Complete your estate planning
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